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Welcome! Here you can find fan made mixes, remixes and different versions of Taylor Swift songs. Enjoy :)


Track Title: Shake It Off, Girlfriend (Mashup)

Artist: Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne

Album: Remix
5,060 plays


this works in so many ways

Track Title: Dog Days Are Off (feat. Florence + The Machine)

Artist: Taylor Swift

Album: 1989
1,196 plays


Dog Days Are Off

Shake It Off by Taylor Swift vs. Dog Days Are Over by Florence + The Machine.

Download here.

Shake Off the Dog Days

Track Title: Tim McGraw (Gallimore Mix)

Artist: Taylor Swift

Album: Taylor Swift
1,452 plays
Tim McGraw (Gallimore Remix) - Taylor Swift
Track Title: Shake It Off vs. Happy

Artist: Pharrell & Taylor Swift

1,402 plays

Shake It Off vs. Happy

Track Title: All About Shaking It Off

Artist: Hilary Duff

Album: All About Shake It Off (feat. Taylor Swift)
622 plays


Download #AllAboutShakeItOff (feart. #TaylorSwift) Now! —-> Link: Hilary Duff Exclusive Downloads

Remixes Index Updated!


I finally had some free time and updated the index (please note: this index will be updated regularly, as more and more remixes are added; these are just fan made remixes and alternative versions; mash ups are at the bottom of this list)

- Acoustic Remix
- Rock Remix 
- Piano Remix
- Empty Arena
- Dance/House Remix
- Empty Arena Alt Vocals
- Male Version
- Acapella
- Split Album/Live
- Piano + Slower Version

A Perfectly Good Heart

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Just updated 25/09!

Track Title: Shake It Off (Acoustic v2)

Artist: Taylor Swift

Album: Shake It Off - Single
5,752 plays

Shake It Off (Acoustic v2) - Taylor Swift

Track Title: You're Not Sorry (3D Version)

Artist: Taylor Swift

Album: You're Not Sorry
516 plays
Track Title: The Moment I Knew (3D Version)

Artist: Taylor Swift

Album: The Moment I Knew
291 plays